7 07 2008

What use is that brand new Apple TV if you don’t have any movies on it? Sure, you can buy all your movies from iTunes, but what about the movies you already own a copy of?

For all your DVD ripping needs, HandBrake is there. HandBrake allows you to take any commercial, copyrighted DVD and rip/convert it for playback on your Apple TV, iPod, and a list of other products.

Ripping is a simple process. Once you have HandBrake open, pop in your movie. If you already have a DVD inserted, Handbrake will automatically locate it for you. Choose which device you would like the movie to be played back on and click start. The time it takes for the movie to rip depends on which setting you chose (the higher the quality, the longer it takes), and how fast your computer is.

We found that on an Intel Mac, it takes around the same time to rip a movie as the length of the actual movie. The quality of your DVD rips are great. A 43 minute TV show ripped on iPod Low Rez looks amazing when connected to a Hi Def TV. Handbrake includes things like chapter marks, allows you to rip extras/special features and lets you tweak the settings of the video to your hearts content.

HandBrake is available for Mac/PC here.




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