ecto: Blogging Made Even Easier

8 07 2008

This is my very fist blog post not using the actual WordPress website. I came across this application called ecto (yes the “e” should be minimized) which is a desktop blogging client for Mac OS X.

ecto supports many types of blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, Blojsom, SquareSpace and more. ecto lets you create offline blog posts which I personally find helpful. That way you don’t have to be online or signed on your blogging site to write that draft for your blog.

ecto also has more features available than any other blogging website. Some of these features includes spell check and creating links.

I find using ecto much better for writing my blogs and I recommend it for any serious blogger out there. With an easy-to-use interface and support for many kinds of weblog systems, the $17.95 is well worth the money.

I am on a trial version right now, but I will definitely buy this application once my trial runs out.

To buy ecto or get the free trial version, visit their website here.




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