Waiting for Installer 4.0…

22 07 2008

The first thing I noticed when 2.0 loaded on my iPhone was that there was no Installer, but another app named Cydia. I didn’t really care – at the time – that there was no Installer because I had the App Store to play with. Today, I was planning to go buy an iTunes gift card to buy some games from the App Store. Little did I know, Apple did not accept credit from an iTunes Gift Card in Canada (don’t worry, you can anywhere else).

I tried to buy an app from the remaining credit I had in my iTunes account ($2.10). The app I was trying to download was $1.99. After typing the password and all that shit, iTunes said they were going to charge my credit card if I accepted to download this app. Yepp, I had $2.10 in my account left and wanted to spend $1.99 of it, but it seems Apple doesn’t want my money.

FACT: Canadians are always getting the short end of the stick in terms of the iPhone. Like the fact that Rogers is offering crappy data plans, the Apple Store does not want any part in selling the iPhone 3G, and now I need a credit card to buy games from the App Store (I don’t have a credit card by the way)! So after all that waiting for the iPhone to come to Canada and it’s finally released… this is what we get? Ugh…

Oh well I’m getting off topic now. Since Apple does not want my money, I am now patiently waiting for the Installer 4.0 to be released. Sure, there are a FEW (I emphasize on FEW) good apps that are free in the App Store, but I want more. I need more than a free Twitter or Facebook client or a light saber for the iPhone. I want more apps available to me, apps that I can actually download without a damn credit card.

Well, there you have it. I am now waiting for Installer 4.0. Check back as I will notify you guys when it’s released.




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