Senuti: Everything in Reverse


If you own an iPod, you know that the main way to get content on it is through iTunes. But how about getting content off of it? 

Thats where Senuti comes in (iTunes spelled backwards :D). This app’s main purpose it to transfer files from your iPod  to your computer. This comes in handy when you deleted something out of your library but still have it on your iPod, or want something on a friend’s iPod that you want (I’ll let you decide what’s legal). 

When you open up Senuti, you get a blank screen that prompts you to insert an iPod to get started. When you plug in your iPod, it will automatically sync with iTunes. To prevent this go to iTunes > Preferences > Syncing > and check “ Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones/iPods” before you plug in your iPod.

Once you plug in your iPod, you are presented with an iTunes like interface. On the left, you have your Library, Podcasts, Playlists, etc, and on your right, you have all your content. Transferring content to your computer couldn’t be easier. Once you found the file you want, highlight it, then click the transfer. You can choose where to save the files to in the preferences and Senuti will show the status of your transfer in the bottom left corner. You will also see little blue dots (just like in iTunes) beside the files to tell you if their already on your computer. This is a great app to keep “just in case” weighing in at around 9MB and costing nothing. 

Senuti is currently in beta and could be downloaded here.


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