Quake Available for iPhone (Jailbroken Phones Only)

27 07 2008

The first-person shooting game is now released for the iPhone. This app can now be downloaded from Cydia, which means only jailbroken phones can run this game.



Sharing Apps Between iPhones

27 07 2008

Multi-iPhone households have likely already been thrust into the dilemma of whether or not to purchase their favorite iPhone applications multiple times for multiple iPhones in their possession (but synced to multiple iTunes libraries, as in a family situation). Now, one user has discovered a way around the predicament.

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Update: Installer 4.0 Screenshots

25 07 2008

Still can’t wait for Installer 4.0? The RiP Dev has been working really hard lately to release this and they are almost done. They have released three screenshots of the new Installer 4.0. These screenshots were taken right from their blog:

200807251334.jpg 200807251334.jpg 200807251334.jpg

WinPwn: iClarified Releases Unlock/Jailbreak Procedure for 2G and 3G iPhones

25 07 2008

iClarified.com had recently released the unlock/jailbreak procedures for Windows users wanting to upgrade their iPhone to 2.0, or for people with iPhone 3G’s that want to jailbreak.

Here are the links:

Tutorial for 2G iPhone

Tutorial for 3G iPhone


WinPwn 2.0 Released

24 07 2008

Windows users may now jailbreak/pwn their iPhones to the new 2.0 software, as WinPwn 2.0 is now released!

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Can’t Respond To E-Mails At This Time

24 07 2008

AOL, why are you doing this to me!? How am I supposed to check my daily New York Times articles now? Argh.

I would like to take the time to say thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback you have sent me through my e-mail. I do regret that I cannot answer any e-mails nor can I receive new ones at this time.

Frankly, my AOL account doesn’t want to seem to work at all. I don’t know if AOL is down or something because I can’t seem to send or receive e-mail through my e-mail program, my iPhone and even going to AOL.com doesn’t work!

The e-mails you guys have sent me before this had happened I have read and will respond once I get my AOL account back up and running. So for the time being, I am left without e-mail 😦

If anyone knows how to fix this or if you have similar problems please leave a comment on this post, as I am desperately trying to get my e-mail working again.


iPhone App: PhoneSaber

24 07 2008

Ever watched Star Wars, saw those light sabers and always thought to yourself, “OH MY GOD! THOSE ARE AWESOME!”? Okay, maybe you wouldn’t really be that energetic about it, but certainly you think it is very cool.

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