iTunes Update 7.7.1

31 07 2008

Apple has recently released its new version of iTunes 7.7.1. This update of iTunes will only include fixes to improve stability and performance. You can download the new update through Software Update.

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Pwnage Tool Video: Jailbreak/Unlock/Activate Firmware 2.0.

20 07 2008

Well, here it is. And yes, I apologize for the very bad video quality. It’s really good quality on my computer. You’d think YouTube would make the quality better… agh. Oh well here it is…

Just to let you know that I did not pwn my phone because it was pwned before.

My iPhone was:

1) On customized firmware 1.1.4

2) Unlocked with Rogers (In Canada)

Special thanks to the iPhone Dev Team. I would never have an iPhone if it wasn’t for you guys!

Apple Releases 1.1.5 iPod Touch Firmware

15 07 2008

Apple has released firmware 1.1.5 For iPod Touch owners who do not want to pay the $9.95 for the 2.0 upgrade.

The new 1.1.5 firmware will not bring iPod Touch owners features found in the 2.0 firmware such as MobileMe and the App Store. The update is available for download through iTunes.

Lastly, according to an article at iClarified, Apple is working on a new firmware for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch (2.0.1).

iTunes Activation Server Down

11 07 2008

Due to the amount of people buying iPhones and the intense demand of the iTunes Activation server, the server is currently unavailable. Many customers buying iPhones had to go home without a fully functional phone as they would have to activate them at home themselves.

Customers also trying to download the new version of iTunes (7.7) to their new iPhones were treated with a “Page Not Found”.

For now people will have to wait to activate their phones.

iTunes 7.7 Released

10 07 2008

iTunes 7.7 is now available for download.

This version of iTunes is compatible with the new iPhone 3G and the 2.0 software. One of the only things that can be easily caught while looking at the iTunes window is the Application list that is added to the sidebar.

Click here to download the new version of iTunes. If you already have iTunes, you can upgrade to 7.7 via Software Update.