SSH Into iPhone

NOTE: To SSH into iPhone, your phone MUST be jailbroken and have OpenSSH installed.

To access all of iPhone’s files and contents, you need to SSH into it.
Before SSHing:

1. Tap “Settings”.
2. Tap “Wi-Fi”.
3. Find the network your iPhone is connected to.
4. Tap the blue arrow beside the network name your iPhone is connected to.
5. You can now see your iPhone’s IP Address. Keep this address noted as you will need it to SSH.

You can now SSH into the phone. You can do this with Terminal, but using 3rd party SSH software is much easier. For Mac OS X, I prefer to use Fugu. The next few steps will show you how to SSH into your phone using Fugu. It is probably a good idea to keep your iPhone on while SSHing as your phone may lose wifi while asleep.

To SSH into your phone:

6. Open “Fugu”.
7. Under the “Connect To” bar, type down the IP Address of your iPhone.
8. Under the “Username” bar, type down “root”.
9. Click “Connect”.
10. Fugu will now ask for the password for the iPhone. Normally, the password is “alpine” assuming you haven’t changed it.
11. Click “Authenticate”

You have successfully accessed your iPhone through SSH.


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