Customizing Your Icons

Face it, Apple has one of the best design teams in the world. From their hardware to software, their packaging to their Apple stickers, everything is beautifully designed and well thought out. If you’re like me, this is one of the main reasons you switched to a Mac (or went with a Mac in the first place). But there might be some things you would like to change. In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize your icons with your own pictures. This can be done on a PC too, but I will only show you the Mac way.


1. Download application.

To convert an image to an icon, you need the program img2icn (appropriately named). Download it here.


2. Find a picture.

Get any size picture that you want. If you already have a pre-made icon (download some here) skip to step 4.  In this example, I got a picture of Homer Simpson from Wikipedia and photoshopped it so I was only left with his head.

3. Convert the picture.

Once you open the app, you are presented with a simple interface. Simply drag your image into the box and choose which format you want (icon, folder, Droplet). Then go on to the next step.

Simple, isn't it?


4. Changing the icon.

To change the icon, right-click the app and click Get Info. At the top, highlight the icon and drag your converted photo into it. It should then change the icon, but you’ll have to re-drag the application into the dock for it to change the dock image. In the example, I changed the icon of a program called Tooble to Homer Simpson’s Head.




You’re done!! To change it back, just follow the same steps. You can probably find the original icon on Google, but I suggest making a backup with an untitled folder. Try to get creative with your icon creations like me!

The Simpsons Family in my dock.



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